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North West Function And Wedding Band

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North West Function And Wedding Band

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Equipment - What Pretty Vegas Bring To The Party

This might not always be something that is considered when hiring a Wedding and Function Band, but for those that are interested, here is a taste of what we bring with us when we play.

Public Address (PA) System

In order to ensure we are constantly providing the best for our audience, we have recently upgraded our PA, purchasing new active speakers and a sub-woofer, meaning that we can provide a crystal clear audio experience from the smallest pub through to 250 person function rooms with ease.

We connect the instruments, microphones and backings to our Mackie CFX12 mkii mixing desk, then this runs our to our Mackie SRS1500 sub-woofer and the new RCF 715a powered enclosures. This will give us over 2,000 watts of not only power, but quality sound, to make the show and event an audio experience to remember.


We are always looking to improve our show, so have recently added 2 high output LED Stage Wash lights to our current rig of DJ lighting and smoke machines. This helps us create a stage in any environment.


For vocals, we use the industry standard Shure SM58’s, or Mark will use his Sennheiser Radio Mic system to allow the band to mingle with the audience more. So if you are on the dancefloor singing, you might just get a bit louder than you expected!!!!


The bit you are really interested in!

Due to the variety of styles we play, we bring 5 different guitars to all gigs, being used by both Leighton and Ritchie.

- Fender Telecaster, ‘52 Reissue

- Epiphone Les Paul Zakk Wylde Model (with custom EMG pickups)

- Gibson Les Paul

- Line 6 Variax 700 Acoustic Modelling Guitar

- Taylor 355 12-string acoustic / Taylor 314ce Limited Edition 6-string acoustic.

Instead of using amplifiers, we use a pair of Line6 xtLive modelling FX units straight into the PA, meaning more control over what is heard by the audience without any backline competing with it.

Ritchie also uses a Line6 G90 wireless system, and uses this to spend most of the gigs either on the dance floor, stood on tables / chairs, or rocking face to face with the Father of the Bride!

We find that by having these wireless systems, we can offer much more audience participation than other acts, and a spectacle that will help make your event all the more memorable.

P.A.T. Testing and PLI

Please note that all the equipment used is P.A.T. Tested , and Pretty Vegas carry a £10m Public Liability Insurance Policy. Copies of these certificates can either be brought on the day or sent to the venue in advance.

Sound Limiters

It must also be noted, that we have played before in venues that feature “Sound Limiters”, which CAN have a negative impact on both the experience and our equipment. It is preferable that these are not in effect during our performance, and we would ask that any individual booking Pretty Vegas clarify whether or not these are in place at the venue in question. See F.A.Q. For more details.

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